Assailants Kill Police Officer in Soroti, Rob His Gun

The territorial police in Soroti City, is currently investigating the alleged murder by shooting of its police officer and the subsequent robbery of his gun.

The facts indicate that on the 30.11.2021, at around 7:00PM, a police officer identified as, Sgt. Emuria Gideon, was attacked and shot dead by unknown assailants, at Maroon quarters.

Sgt Emuria was heading for his guard duties, at the residence of Justice Alex Makayi Ajiji, of Gulu High Court.

Although the motive of the assailants is not yet well determined, the Police fraternity believes that this attack and subsequent murder was a targeted one.

East kyoga Police spokesperson ASP Ageca Oscar Gregg said in a statement that although the motive of the assailants is not yet determined, Police believes this was a targeted murder.

“The assailants after murdering Sgt Emuria managed to escape from the scene with his gun.”

He further revealed that with the reviewed the facts surrounding the incident, a serious manhunt for the suspects has already begun, based on the available leads.

“Guard duties are one of the cardinal functions of the police, and there is absolutely no reason for such senseless acts of violence against officers. We want to assure the public that we are doing everything within our means to identify the suspects for arrest,” Ageca said in a statement.

John Ogulei