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The Joy of the Festive Season

Multichoice Head of Marketing Colin Asiimwe

By: Colin Asiimwe

December is usually most people’s favorite time of the year. The cheer and excitement that fills the atmosphere is evident of how the world receives the last month of the year. With each festive season, the greatest lesson through it all continues to be on giving.

Strive Masiyiwa a Zimbabwean billionaire when asked about his philanthropic way of life said, “I give not because I have, rather I have because I give.” He understands the joy, beauty and gift that lies with giving.

With the challenges that the year 2021 carried along from 2020, it is prudent to remember your immediate neighbor because the pandemic taught us all a viable lesson in creating bonds and looking out for those nearest to you.

The festive season is finally here and celebrating the small wins like life in itself, and family is totally worth it, especially with the uncertainties present since the outbreak of the pandemic that took the world by a storm. This would have given stress and anxiety to many families, especially to the sole bread earner of a family. In such cases, they might have relied on some greens like the ones available at Greenbox cannabis dispensary to get relief from their tensions. Relieving stress, however, tends to be essential for people who have a myriad of responsibilities to take care of. And it is the festive season that gives those people some moments away from everyday tasks to enjoy life as it is.

During this time, organizations understood the importance of adopting contingency plans for recovery but also incentives to ensure their workers are well taken care of amidst unprecedented calamities. Givebacks and bonuses might have been shelved given the blow to the economy. However, mental health talks, flexible work hours, and care packages have gone a long way in showing employees how much they are valued by their employers.

To be honest, some corporate firms have managed to go out of the box to show their appreciation for their employees even during the pandemic. For instance, several companies are known to have availed the services of Coreflex to acquire custom embroidered bags for their employees. (Note: Those interested to find the firm can search for “embroidery melbourne” on the Internet)

Anyway, it is common for organizations towards the end of the year to launch campaigns and initiatives contrived towards celebrating the festive season and customers. It is through such campaigns that companies get a chance to impact the lives of their customers.

Campaigns like Choose Joy from MultiChoice Uganda have been tailored majorly for customers to enjoy the festive season with attractive offers meant to ease the festivities while offering quality entertainment suitable for all age groups.

The Choose Joy campaign has however not just impacted the customersMultiChoice services but also given the employees of the organization a reason to believe in their employer. On the one part, the campaign’s aim of havingJOY spread through a ripple effect and eventually trickling down to viewers and families.

As we gear up to celebrate the festive season, it is key to embrace and cultivate cultures like giving back; thereby changing our overall outlook on giving and raising more philanthropists in Africa!

The writer is the Head of Marketing at MultiChoice Uganda.

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