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Vaccine Mandates Would Promote More Laboratory Made Viruses in Order To Sell More Vaccines


By: Onesmus Muwanga

With the Uganda Public Health Amendment Bill 2021 threatening 4years in jail or 4 million shs fine for those who defy the vaccine mandates together with the global wave of mandates especially for covid 19, it is going to become more business for the big pharmaceutical companies, to create more more laboratory made viruses in order to sell more vaccines.(according to the Oxfam website, Pfizer and Moderna make 1000 dollar profit every second, and 65,000$ combined profit every minute from the sale of Covid19 vaccines).

It is no conspiracy theory that Fauci of USA has been pressed on sponsoring (gain of function) research in Wuhan labs about Sars Cov2 and bats in china, with video interviews available for reference from Sky News Australia.

Gain of function research in simple terms is genetic modification of pathogens like viruses to give them more powers or function. Already there is debate in the scientific community that Covid 19 might have arisen out of gain of function research in Wuhan Labs.

With the Billion of dollars made by the pharmaceutical giants from the sale of vaccines, should they know that taking vaccines is mandatory, they would come up with more gain of function research to make more viruses/ diseases so that they can sell more vaccines. Perhaps we should question whether the pharmaceutical giants are not the ones with their allies sponsoring these amendment bills with vaccine mandates like the one the Ugandan health minister is trying to introduce.

It is on record with reference from Wikipedia, that diseases like small pox, Foot and mouth diseases, Marburg, H1N1 influenza escaped out of labs, what we remain to know whether the escape was accidental or intentional.

Secondly, the proof that vaccine mandates like the public health amendment bill are biased and favoring pharmaceutical companies, is that they rule out all other options of recovery like natural immunity and the use of natural remedies to cure diseases. Yet it is on record on scientific posters (check out the posters here) that natural remedies or herbal treatments like covidex have tried to help. In these vaccine mandates like the public health amendment bill the Uganda ministry of health is trying to push, governments are trying to convince us that there is only one option of recovery giving monopoly to the pharmaceutical companies who make the vaccines.

Yet before conventional medicine was introduced in the world, our great grandparents survived diseases and lived a longer life using natural immunity, natural remedies and having a good diet.

Thirdly, in many cases vaccines have caused adverse effects like autism and even death plus other unforeseen long term side effects which are harmful thus forcing someone to take vaccines or forcing a parent to vaccinate his/her child when he is unsure about the safety of these vaccine is unreasonable and complete tyranny by governments.

It is on some of the above reasons that I urge Ugandans of sound mind to resist attacks on health freedom through vaccine mandates like the Public Amendment bill which the ministry of health is currently trying to push upon Ugandans.

Muwanga Onesmus is an Activist/Advocate of Freedom and Justice


+256 700 513272

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