Letshego, Brandmed Partner to Launch Digital Wellness Solution

Africa’s inclusive finance provider, Letshego Africa, is enabling instant digital access to wellness and affordable health solutions via its LetsGo Digital Mall-a multichannel digital platform, in partnership with Healthcare Group, Brandmed.

BrandMed is a digitally-savvy healthcare Group, that continuously reimagines health, using technology to empower a better quality of life for healthcare practitioners, patients, and funders.

The Letshego-Brandmedpartnership enables Letshego to offer digitised, world-class wellness, health facts, and advice to its footprint communities across Africa. Digital wellness services will soon include virtual medical consultations for individuals wherever they may be located, all within a few clicks via Letshego’s Digital Mall.

In this day and age, wellness is taking the lead for many countries, it is important for people to care about their health and there is now a push for this to be more relevant as times are changing and more support is needed. That is why people will do the best they can for their physical and mental health, whether it is reading Gundry MD reviews on supplements, or speaking to their doctor about a curated fitness regime, all of it adds up to get people in a better state of mind and strength. That said, since wellness is a trending topic, people seem to travel the extra mile by joining gyms or creating workout spaces in their houses like a swimming pool (often build with the help of Premier Pools & Spas – one of the most renowned San Antonio Pool Builders) or perhaps a designated area to carry on meditation or pilates.

Anyway, Letshego’s Group Chief of Products, Chipiliro Katundu, commented, “Our wellness offering in the LetsGo Digital Mall, in partnership with BrandMed, is the first in Letshego’sLetsGoLifestyle series of solutions and offerings that aligns with our brand purpose – to improve lives.

TheLetsGo Digital Wellbeing programme provides instant digital access and affordable health solutions in various dimensions, supporting customers with better health, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing awareness. In line with our intent of being customer-led and moving ‘beyond financial services’ the digital wellbeing offering is our response to the holistic lifestyle needs ofLetshegocustomers.”

The online landscape across the world has already seen shifts in providing health services and advice online. Take for example BetterHelp, full information about their services can be found here, https://emdrhealing.com/betterhelp-promo-code/, but essentially it offers full mental health services for many different countries online. Online platforms like this gives busy people or people who cannot travel the opportunity to access health services. Now physicians are picking up this model, and are now seeing more patients than before whilst providing the same quality of healthcare services to them.

BrandMed’s vision is to create a virtual, people-centric, outcome-inspired health and wellbeing ecosystem, validated by medical science and extended in access through value-sharing partnerships. Thanks to BrandMed’s intensive research and innovation, LetsGo Wellness will integrate and provide a combination of solutions for all visitors to the LetsGo Mall.

These digital health solutions will soon include screening, in-practice clinical decision support, health management tools, telehealth, remote patient monitoring as well as a selection of diverse virtual wellbeing and patient engagement tools. With these additional features, people would perhaps be able to take instant suggestions in case of emergency. However, till advancement is on the way, people may need to rely on traditional practices for their urgent care needs.

“Regrettably, we live in a world where the gap between the demand and delivery of reliable and quality healthcare will continue to widen. The ongoing global pandemic has also highlighted the health inequity that exists across our communities. By partnering with Letshego Africa, we can leverage the Group’s regional digitalisation strategy to promote equality in accessing wellness solutions that assist in closing the gap in broader communities being able to expert medical care. Digital access also enables those most at risk, or those who may be immobile, to seek help and support for their health and wellbeing wherever they may be located,” addedDr RiazMotara, cardiologist and founder of BrandMed Group.

The LetsGo Wellness program is well-placed to support Letshego’s‘LetsGoNation’, a regional community of followers and users of the LetsGoDigital Mallwho wish to leverage the power of Digital so that communities can connect more and do more to improve their lives.

Giles Germany Aijukwe, CEO Letshego Uganda added, “Our LetsGo Digital Wellbeing platform is now live on our Mall in Uganda. If you haven’t already registered, we invite all our customers, partners, stakeholders to register on our LetsGo Digital Mall, and join the new age revolution in digitising wellness and healthcare.This new wellness platform increases access tomore affordable, expert healthcare, wellness andnutritional advice to support members of the communities where we operate.”

Customers in Letshego’s regional footprintcan access the digital wellness solution bysimply registering on the LetsGo Digital Mallvia the MobileApp or Web. LetshegoAfrica is supporting its vision to be a digital-first organisation.

Anita Atuhaire