Over 200 People Die of Hunger in Karamoja

Nabilatuk district in Karamoja sub region has registered the death of 226 people as a result of hunger in a period of five months.

John Longolio, the town clerk Nabilatuk town council says all the 226 people died in Nabilatuk town council from March to July this year.

He said the most affected areas in the town council include Naupala, Central ward, Arengesiep ward, Lolet ward and Natopojo ward.

Longolio noted that 41 people died in Naupala ward, 61 died in Central ward, 78 died in Arengesiep ward, 31 died in Lolet ward and 15 died in Natopojo ward bringing to the total number to 226 people dead.

He explained that the figures were generated by the village/wards chairpersons.

“We are appealing for immediate intervention to address the situation,” he said.

Timothy Lokut, LC1 secretary for defense in Natopojo ward says many people are likely to die adding that the situation is really bad.

“I have 30 in my village who are badly off any time they will die,” he said.

Paul Lokol, the district chairperson of Nabilatuk district said the entire district is affected adding that many people have died but have not been documented in the district.

He said the current hunger is behind all the rampant cattle theft and burglary across the region.

“We appeal to the government to do general food distribution in Karamoja because the entire region is affected and no household is okay in terms of food security,” he said.

This is not the first time for Karamoja region to face food shortage, every year the region faces food shortage due to prolonged dry seasons that the region experiences.

Last month, the Office of the Prime Minister delivered some relief food to the affected families but the food could not reach all the affected families.