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The Conflict Between Barcelona and Samuel Umtiti


The contracts that exist between football teams and players can be quite complicated at times. You can use 1xBet for Uganda sports betting, which can also be used to wager on which team a player might join.

Normally, those documents state things like:

  • the salary that the player will receive;
  • the date at which the contract expires;
  • and information about bonuses, penalties, release clauses, etc.

By observing those details, it might seem that contracts are quite easy to understand. Yet, the reality is sometimes more difficult. You can use 1xBet Uganda for sports betting on the likelihood of a player signing a contract with a squad. The case of French defender Samuel Umtiti shows how complicated these contract situations can become.

From a figure to struggle with injuries

The player arrived at Barcelona in 2016. His first matches were fantastic. Also he was one of the most important players in the French national squad that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The https://www.1xbet.ug/live/ also features these kinds of competitions.

For this reason, it seemed that the player would only become better. However, after the World Cup, things started to become more difficult for the Frenchman. He suffered many knee injuries that sidelined him for many months. It is great when players recover from injuries, and the 1xBet website can also be used to wager on those who recovered.

Barcelona started to lose patience with him. Since he was receiving a huge salary, the team wanted him to leave. But there was a problem, the release clause was €500 million. Usually those extremely high clauses are set in order to discourage other teams from approaching certain players.

Escalation and solution

These release clauses also apply for the team that owns the player. In other words, if Barcelona wanted to simply fire Umtiti, they needed to pay him those €500 million. Obviously, no team would do that, but squads always have methods to “force” players to negotiate. If you want to wager on Barcelona, don’t forget to visit 1xbet.ug/mobile/ – try ug app for betting on the Catalan team.

In those situations, teams basically stop using players who refuse to discuss a salary reduction or an exit before the expiry date of the contract. They did exactly that with Umtiti, but the Frenchman simply waited, as Barcelona was still required to pay his salary. So basically, the defender was being paid a huge salary for doing nothing.

Only in mid-2022 an agreement was reached. After long negotiations, Barcelona agreed to hand a new contract to Umtiti. It had a substantial salary reduction, and also, he went on loan to Italian team Lecce. You can also try the 1xBet ug app for betting on Italian football teams.


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