How it Went Down at the Third National Dog Show

The 3rd National Dog Show and All Breed Assessment was a resounding success, bringing together dog lovers, breeders, pet food dealers, grooming services, and trainers from across Uganda. Organized by the Canine Association of Uganda, the event featured over 40 exhibitors, with Kaya’s Kitchen emerging as the most outstanding.

Kaya’s Kitchen, a Ugandan business that specializes in producing organic and chemical-free pet food and grooming products, showcased a range of high-quality treats, including Puppy treats, Kitten Treats, chicken jerky, fish jerky, goat jerky, and Snicker doodles, all made from locally sourced organic ingredients. The company’s products are not only environmentally friendly but also pose no threat to pets, as they are free of additives, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals commonly found in commercial pet foods.

Kaya’s Kitchen is expanding into new markets such as Kenya and exporting to Europe, thanks to the popularity of their products, which are highly sought-after by pet owners who value the health and well-being of their furry friends. According to Flavia Namulindwa, the company’s founder, Kaya’s Kitchen prides itself on producing all-natural pet food and grooming products that are safe, healthy, and effective.

The organizers of the event expressed their delight at the turnout, which featured people of all ages having fun and enjoying the displays. They encouraged the public to look out for upcoming events, which will be announced soon.

For more information on Kaya’s Kitchen’s products, please visit their office at Crane Chambers or place an order via their social media platforms

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