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Ugandan Ambassador to Sudan Moves to Reconcile Rival Lango Cultural Leaders

Ambassador Dickson Ogwang Okul - Uganda’s Ambassador to Sudan in Khartoum

Ambassador Dickson Ogwang Okul, the Ugandan ambassador to Sudan has made a move to Reconcile two different Lango Cultural Leaders to bring unity and reach a single Leader called Won nyaci instead of two.

There has already attracted mixed reactions from the two prime ministers of Lango Cultural institution and Tekwaro Lango as far as the proposal to mediate the two cultural heads was made public on Friday, 7th April,2023 in Adeg-Ayela Village, Boke ward, Lira City East, Lira city at St. Gracious Secondary school.

While officiating the launch of Lango Documentary under the theme ‘My Tribe My Identity’ the Ambassador proposed that he should be given a chance to help in resolving the dispute and conflict of Lango cultural leadership between the side of Eng. Dr. Moses Odong Okune and Lango cultural institution of Won Nyaci Yosam Odur  Ebii.

“I have people who are willing to cater for bills of your transport, meals and accommodation at place like munyonyo, we close ourselves in the backdoor and resolve the issue that is bringing conflict in the cultural leadership of Lango,” said Ambassador Ogwang Dickson.

He added; “Dr. Micheal Odong Okune if you want to have peace, let’s resolve the conflicts before Won Nyaci Yosam Odur passes on.”

“There is no way you can have two Won-Nyaci running consecutively. I am an expert in mediation, they can’t say I am taking a side. I am not offering myself so that I become Won Nyaci, no,I have my offers in and outside the country but I need to see this through.”

Prime minister Tekwaro Lango, George Ojwang Opota Rejects Ambassador’s Mediation Proposal.

Citing bias from the onset of Ambassador’s speech before the people gathered at St Gracious Multipurpose Hall, Prime Minister George Ojwang opota who doubles as the clan chief of Omola-col Odyek Onywal Iceng said he has been longing so much for the mediation but who can come and lead independently without taking side is the biggest question that Lango as a tribe must know.

“Unless Ambassador Okul proves to us that he cannot take side as he took today by picking only one prime minister to address the gathering, we shall not honor his mediation and unless he throws away his siding mentality we shall not respect his mediation proposals as Tekwaro Lango,” said Prime Minister George.

Prime Minister Robert James Ajal gave his take on the issue of mediation.

Robert James Ajal said while addressing the media said, “For mediation, when we reach there we shall cross the bridge we have only one Won Nyaci. Let this old man rule until his time come and he go but you find everybody is claiming and forcing things to be Won Nyaci. Who is the rebel? Because the way this other institution is behaving is like they don’t want any good thing to come to Lango.”

Many people in the Lango sub-region are calling for a peaceful means to resolve the conflict escalating between the two cultural leaders of the Lango cultural institution headed by Won Nyaci Yosam Odur and Eng. Dr.Micheal  Odong Okune heading Tekwaro Lango.

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