The Amazing WWE Intercontinental Championship

The WWE Intercontinental Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in the world of professional wrestling. You can always check online betting site 1xBet if you want to wager on other wrestling titles of this kind.

It has a rich history that spans many decades, and it has been held by some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

The Intercontinental Championship was first introduced by the WWE in 1979. It was created as a secondary championship to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The 1xBet online betting site can be checked whenever other important WWE titles are being contested. The idea behind the title was to give other wrestlers a chance to shine and to establish a clear hierarchy within the WWE.

An absolutely thrilling event

Over the years, the Intercontinental Championship has been defended in some of the most iconic matches in WWE history. From ladder matches to steel cage matches, the Intercontinental Championship has it all. Besides wrestling, it is also possible to make 1xBet football betting online on the best matches of this discipline. Overall, this has been the centerpiece of some of the most thrilling bouts ever seen in a wrestling ring.

One of the most impressive things about the Intercontinental Championship is the list of wrestlers who have held it. Some of the best names to ever win this trophy include:

  • Hulk Hogan;
  • Bret Hart;
  • Shawn Michaels;
  • The Miz;
  • Seth Rollins;
  • and AJ Styles.

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An event that has propelled wrestlers to stardom

The Intercontinental Championship has also been a launching pad for many wrestlers who have gone on to become WWE World Heavyweight Champions. Superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H all held the Intercontinental Championship. After that, they went on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The website can also be used whenever those major titles are being contested.

The design of the Intercontinental Championship has also undergone several changes over the years. The current design features a sleek white strap with a red center plate that showcases the WWE logo and the words “Intercontinental Champion”. If you think you know who is the best intercontinental champion, then visit the 1xBet platform and try your luck today.


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