The Respected Hugh Dallas

Hugh Dallas is a former Scottish football referee who is widely respected for his long and successful career in the sport. On the popular betting site in Kenya 1xBet punters can also place their wagers on the decisions taken by referees.

He is known for plenty of things, including:

  • adhering strictly to the rules;
  • having a calm demeanor;
  • and his overall dedication to improve the refereeing standards.

Dallas served as a referee for over 25 years, officiating in numerous high-profile matches and tournaments. He also participated in the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup. The popular betting site 1xBet Kenya is a place in which you can always wager on these major tournaments too.

Beginnings as a linesman

Hugh Dallas began as a linesman participating in various matches in scotland. Because of his great performances, he began to be selected for matches in European competitions too. He made his European debut in 1988. The website is the best platform to wager on everything that is decided by referees during a match.

A particularly important chapter of Dallas’ career came in the 1993 Toulon Tournament. During a match between Portugal and Czechoslovakia in that competition, player Martin Svedik of the latter suffered a serious injury. This tournament is also available at the 1xBet platform.

Svedik broke his neck after a collision with a Portuguese player. Dallas, who was only a few meters from the player, immediately recognized the severity of the situation and called for medical assistance. Had it not been for his intervention, Svedik could have even died or ended up paralyzed. Thankfully none of that happened, and the official was praised for his actions.

Becoming a main referee

By the 1990s, Hugh Dallas was already a main referee. He participated in plenty of qualifying matches and even major competitions. He was part of plenty of Euros and FIFA World Cups. The casino online available on 1xBet can be used while waiting for those tournaments too.

Dallas’ performances were so good, that he was also recognized as the best official during the Euro 2000. After his retirement in 2005, High Dallas began working for the Scottish Premier League and UEFA. This time his job was to be an advisor regarding refereeing matters. The online casino available on 1xBet is open for all punters who want to have fun while waiting for the next tournaments organized by these entities.


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