Carrefour’s Layby Service: The Convenient and Affordable Way to Shop

Have you ever wanted to buy a product but could not afford to pay the total amount upfront? Do you worry about missing out on limited-stock items? If so, then consider using our layby option. Layby is a payment plan option that allows you to spread the cost of your purchases over three months.

At Carrefour Uganda, we understand the importance of providing our customers – the Carrefolks, – flexible payment options that meet their needs. That’s why we offer a layby service, allowing customers to secure their desired products and pay for them over time.

How Layby Works

At Carrefour Uganda, you can choose the electronic products you want to purchase and pay a deposit of at least 10% of the total cost. After that, you pay off the remaining balance over a maximum period of 90 days. Once you complete the full payment, you get to take your new product home with you.

Why is the Carrefour Layby option a convenient and affordable way for you to shop?

  • Easy on the wallet: With Layby, you can pay for your electronic product in smaller, more manageable amounts over time, making it easier on their wallets. This is especially helpful for customers who may have a partial payment upfront but still want to secure their desired product. With Layby, you can pay off your purchases gradually, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • No Interest or Fees: At Carrefour Uganda, we don’t charge interest fees for our layby service. This means you only pay the price of the product and nothing more. Unlike other payment plans with high-interest rates, our Layby is a more affordable option for customers.
  • Flexibility: Our layby service offers customers the flexibility to pay for their products over a while. You get to choose how much you want to pay and how often, making it easier to fit the payments into your budget. At Carrefour Uganda, we offer a 90-day layby period, giving customers plenty of time to complete their payments.
  • Secure Desired Products: Layby allows you to secure your desired products, ensuring you get all the available items. This is especially helpful during peak shopping seasons when products can sell out quickly. By reserving a product through Layby, you can rest assured that you can purchase the item later when they have completed their payments.

In conclusion, Layby is a convenient way to shop for everyone at Carrefour Uganda. It provides a budget-friendly option for customers who may have a partial amount upfront while allowing them to secure their desired products without worrying about the limited stock. With no interest fees and flexible payment options, our layby service is the perfect way for customers to shop at Carrefour Uganda.

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