Kansai Plascon’s Annual Dealer’s Dinner: A Night of Celebration and Appreciation

Kansai Plascon, Uganda’s leading paint manufacturer, hosted its highly anticipated Dealer’s Dinner on Saturday, May 20th, 2023, at the prestigious Kampala Sheraton Hotel. This annual event served as a platform to express heartfelt gratitude to the company’s esteemed dealers for their unwavering support, dedication, and instrumental role in driving the growth of Kansai Plascon and bolstering the success of the brand in the Ugandan market.

The Dealer’s Dinner was an evening filled with joy, camaraderie, and celebration, highlighting the strong and prosperous partnerships between Kansai Plascon and its dedicated dealers. The event provided a perfect opportunity to recognize the invaluable link the dealers represent between the company and communities across Uganda.

Mr. Santosh Gumte, the Managing Director of Kansai Plascon, expressed his sincere appreciation for the dealers’ commitment and emphasized the significance of their contribution to the company’s achievements. He stated, “The Dealer’s Dinner is an occasion we eagerly look forward to every year, as it allows us to express our deep gratitude to our dealers. Their unwavering dedication and hard work are instrumental in driving the growth of our company and strengthening the Plascon brand in Uganda.”

Mr. Gumte further emphasized the company’s commitment to excellence and its vision for the future. He added, “At Kansai Plascon, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business. Our success would not have been possible without the relentless efforts and support of our dealers, who have helped us become the leading paint manufacturer in Uganda. Together, we will continue to build on this strong foundation and explore new horizons of growth and innovation.”

Mr. Daniel Adrian Kayongo, the Plascon Brand Manager in Uganda, also shared his thoughts on the event and the dealers’ crucial role in establishing the Plascon brand in the country. He said, “The Dealer’s Dinner was a memorable evening filled with gratitude and appreciation. Our dealers have been our trusted partners, actively promoting and delivering our high-quality paint products to customers across Uganda. Their dedication and belief in the Plascon brand have been instrumental in our success.”

In addition to the festivities, the Dealer’s Dinner featured captivating entertainment from the renowned Ndere Dance Troupe, the talented Michael Ouma, and a spectacular fashion show. These performances added an extra layer of excitement and showcased the rich colours and artistic talent of Uganda.

The Dealer’s Dinner showcased Kansai Plascon’s commitment to nurturing enduring partnerships with its dealers, recognizing their efforts in driving sales and brand loyalty. Through this event, the company reinforced its commitment to providing exceptional paint solutions and reinforcing its position as Uganda’s preferred paint manufacturer.

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