The Treble Winners: A Reflection on the Unforgettable Triumphs

In the rich tapestry of football history, only a select few teams have achieved the pinnacle of success by conquering the treble: winning the domestic league title, domestic cup, and the prestigious UEFA Champions League in a single season.

These extraordinary feats require exceptional skill, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. In this reflective article, we delve into the annals of football and pay homage to the legendary teams that etched their names in immortality, leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

Manchester City soon might become part of the elite club, when they fight for the last remaining trophy of the three: Champions League. At the official website you might check the review for SportingBet — a reliable bookmaker to expand your experience from the tournament final. Let us embark on a journey through time, celebrating the treble-winning achievements of Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Bayern Munich.

1. 1971/72: Ajax – Total Football’s Triumph:

The Ajax team of the 1971/72 season, led by the visionary Rinus Michels and inspired by the extraordinary Johan Cruyff, epitomized the philosophy of “Total Football.” They swept through the Eredivisie, clinching the domestic league title with an exhilarating brand of attacking football that left opponents in awe. Ajax’s supremacy extended to the KNVB Cup, where they showcased their mettle and lifted the domestic cup trophy.

Their crowning moment came in the European Cup (now the Champions League) final against Inter Milan. Displaying fluidity, grace, and tactical brilliance, Ajax prevailed with a 2-0 victory, asserting themselves as the finest team in Europe and securing the treble.

2. 1987/88: PSV Eindhoven – Dutch Dominance:

Under the guidance of Guus Hiddink, PSV Eindhoven embarked on a remarkable journey in the 1987/88 season. They stormed through the Eredivisie, lifting the domestic league title with an air of invincibility. The PSV juggernaut continued its relentless march in the KNVB Cup, conquering the domestic cup with authority.

The pinnacle of their campaign arrived in the European Cup final against Benfica. After a dramatic penalty shootout, PSV emerged victorious, etching their name in history and sealing their treble-winning season.

3. 1998/99: Manchester United – Fergie’s Finest Hour

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United conjured a season of unparalleled drama and triumph in 1998/99. In the Premier League, they fought tooth and nail, overcoming Arsenal to secure the domestic league title by a mere point.

Their resolve was evident in the FA Cup, where they overcame stiff challenges, including a remarkable comeback against Arsenal in the semi-finals, before triumphing in the final.

The zenith of their treble-winning campaign arrived in the UEFA Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Facing a one-goal deficit in the dying minutes, United staged an astonishing comeback, scoring two late goals to claim the trophy in dramatic fashion. The treble was secured, etching Manchester United’s name in football folklore.

4. 2008/09: Barcelona – Guardiola’s Maestros

Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, Barcelona redefined the parameters of footballing excellence during the 2008/09 season. In La Liga, they showcased an unrivaled level of dominance, leaving their rivals trailing in their wake. Barcelona’s relentless pursuit of perfection extended to the Copa del Rey, where they lifted the domestic cup with ease.

The culmination of their exceptional season came in the Champions League final against Manchester United. Displaying an exquisite blend of possession-based football and attacking prowess, Barcelona emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline, solidifying their status as one of the greatest teams in football history.

5. 2009/10: Inter Milan – Mourinho’s Masterclass

Under the charismatic leadership of José Mourinho, Inter Milan embarked on an extraordinary campaign during the 2009/10 season. They clinched the Serie A title, outclassing their rivals with a combination of tactical discipline and individual brilliance. Inter Milan’s triumph continued in the Coppa Italia, where they showcased their resilience and lifted the domestic cup.

The crowning moment arrived in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Inter Milan’s tactical prowess and defensive solidity proved decisive, as they secured a 2-0 victory and etched their name in treble-winning glory.

6. 2012/13 and 2019/20: Bayern Munich – Bavarian Brilliance

Bayern Munich asserted their dominance by winning the treble not once, but twice. The 2012/13 season saw them sweep through the Bundesliga, securing the domestic league title in commanding fashion. They carried their momentum to the DFB-Pokal, where they lifted the domestic cup, showcasing their depth and quality.

In the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich triumphed with a 2-1 scoreline, claiming their treble and cementing their legacy. Bayern Munich’s triumphs continued in the 2019/20 season when they repeated their treble-winning feat, leaving no doubts about their stature as one of the game’s elite teams.


The treble-winning teams mentioned above embody the spirit of excellence, resilience, and unparalleled skill that defines football at its highest level. Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Bayern Munich left an indelible mark on the sport, etching their names into the annals of football history. These triumphs serve as a reminder of the extraordinary feats that can be achieved when talent, teamwork, and determination align. The treble winners continue to inspire generations of footballers and fans alike, forever cherished for their unmatched brilliance and their place in the pantheon of footballing greatness.

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