From Cleaning Banking Halls to Sitting in Boardrooms: A Tale of Triumph Through the Tiers

In the vast tapestry of life, some stories shine with extraordinary brilliance, illuminating the path from humble beginnings to remarkable achievements. Selevano Masereka’s journey from an office attendant to the Branch Manager of Centenary Bank, Kasese Branch is one such radiant tale of perseverance, growth, and the nurturing power of the Bank’s commitment to professional growth.

“In 2005, I graduated from the Uganda College of Commerce with a diploma in Business Studies, Accounting, and Finance,” reminisces Masereka. Armed with a diploma in Business Studies, Accounting, and Finance, eager to make his mark, he stepped into the role of college bursar at Bwera Teacher’s college.   

While Masereka worked with the Bwera Teacher’s college, he longed to join the banking sector. Word reached Masereka’s ears of a unique opportunity at Centenary Bank’s Kasese branch. “They were looking for an office attendant,” he recalls. Eager to seize this chance, he swiftly submitted his application, driven by a desire to step into the world of banking.

The year 2007 arrived, and Masereka’s determination was unshaken. “I decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration through distance learning at Makerere University,” he states. As he went to collect his admission papers, destiny intervened. “Mr. Zephanus Muhindo, the branch manager of Kasese branch at the time, called me to collect my appointment letter as an office attendant,” Masereka shares, his voice filled with a sense of destiny taking shape.

This news electrified Masereka. Bursting with excitement, he embarked on the journey back to Kasese from Kampala, ready to start a new chapter. Upon his return, he was told to prepare to return to Kampala for an official appointment.

August 9, 2007, marked the day when Masereka’s journey within the bank commenced. Clad in a Kaunda suit, his new uniform. “My duties encompassed preparing and serving tea to staff, maintaining the bank’s impeccable premises, and facilitating the movement of vital documents between departments,” he recounts. His name, Masereka, echoed throughout the banking hall as he efficiently and diligently carried out his tasks.

“Seeing young individuals grow within the bank ignited a fire within me,” Masereka reflects. The transformation he witnessed among his colleagues fueled his aspiration for greater heights. With this newfound determination, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating in 2010. His journey of education, however, was only a prelude to the impending transition that awaited him.

In 2010 Masereka’s potential caught the eye of the Human Resources department. “An oral interview paved the way for me to become a banking officer at the Ntungamo Branch,” he shares. A year of dedicated service there laid the foundation for his rise – first as a customer service supervisor at Kasese branch, then as the Branch Supervisor. “I held this role for two enriching years,” he adds. until 2016, when he embraced the role of Assistant Branch Manager at Mbarara Corporate.

His dedication and excellence were soon rewarded with a substantive assignment as an Assistant Branch Manager, leading him back to Kasese branch, where his journey began.

“In a remarkable twist of fate, I was appointed as the Branch Manager of Kasese branch, the very branch where I once served as an office attendant,” Masereka’s voice resonates with pride and fulfillment. As the bank’s assets soared from 19 billion in 2010 to over 210 billion, Masereka’s journey mirrored this upward trajectory.

Masereka’s story stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth. “My journey illustrates that with dedication and the right environment, even the most modest beginnings can lead to remarkable achievements,” he declares. His words echo the sentiment that within each of us lies an eagle, ready to soar to great heights when provided with the opportunity. Centenary Bank, like a vast and nurturing forest, has provided Selevano Masereka the fertile ground to spread his wings and reach unprecedented success.

Audrey Ninsiima