KCCA Accounts for Shs553 Billion City Road Works

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has presented an account of the roads worked upon and funds spent under the Kampala City Road Rehabilitation Project.

KCCA officials led by the Minister of State for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Hon. Kyofatogabye Kabuye, appeared before the Committee on Physical Infrastructure on Thursday, 12 October 2023.

The project that has lasted 48 months was supported by loan funding from the African Development Bank and African Development Fund, which took effect in July 2021.

In his presentation, the KCCA Deputy Executive Director, Eng. David Luyimbazi, said the total cost spent on the project, including drainage, pavement, street lighting and signals among others, was Shs553.6 billion.

He highlighted the unit costs per kilometre of the standard two-lane asphalt concrete roads, noting that works were executed under five lots, with a total of 31 roads worked upon.

The first lot includes the reconstruction of 4.4km of Wamala Road along Ntinda-Kisaasi at a cost of Shs6.17 billion per kilometre, including general costs.

Under the same lot, 2.02km of Mutesa 1 Road were upgraded to a paved status at a cost of shs5.586 billion per kilometre, including general costs.

Under the second lot, widening and setting up of signals on 3.46km of the Old Port Bell Road/Spring Road including two junctions, was implemented at a cost of Shs5.4 billion, including general costs.

Fifth Street, Sixth Street, Seventh Street and Eighth Street on Namuwongo Road in industrial area were also reconstructed under the third lot of works, at a total cost of Shs24.07 billion, inclusive of general costs.

Lot four included the reconstruction of 8.1km of Salaama Road in Makindye and widening of the Kasubi-Northern bypass, at a cost of Shs4.558 billion and Shs5.27 billion respectively.

The Masiro Road in Lubaga was reconstructed under lot five of the project, with the stretch of 2.1 kilometres costing Shs8.103 billion inclusive of general costs.

According to Luyimbazi, among the general costs incurred in the road works, drainage costs were highest, followed by costs to pave the roads and install signals.

Hon. Elijah Okupa (Indp., Kasilo County) cited the road leading to the proposed Uganda Heart Institute in Naguru, which he said is in a bad condition and could affect transportation of patients.

“Are you planning to make that road dual purpose so that it is wide? The heart institute has put up its wall 10 metres from the road and you [KCCA] should take the opportunity to widen the road,” Okupa said.

Luyimbazi told the committee that the land in Naguru has no physical infrastructure plan, and cited pressure from parcel owners seeking to make individual developments.

“We have told them that we need to know how the road network will pan out, as well as electricity and water supply. National Planning Authority is leading on this but they do not have resources to prepare that plan,” Luyimbazi added.

He appealed to the committee to support NPA in coordinating with relevant sector agencies to develop a physical development plan for the area, which will improve its road infrastructure and drainage.

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