MultiChoice Opens-up Pearl Magic Prime to More Customers

In line with its commitment to bringing premium local content to every television room in the country, MultiChoice Uganda, the home of great Pay-Tv entertainment has announced that Pearl Magic Prime (PMP) will now be made available to more DStv and GOtv customers with the channel now being made accessible to customers from DStv Access and GOtv Supa.

In effect meaning that the channel on DStv can be viewed by subscribers on; DStv Access, DStv Family, DStv Compact, Compact Plus and above while GOtv subscribers on; GOtv Plus, Max, Supa and Supa Plus bouquets.

Initially launched as a flagship premium channel catering to Ugandans in the middle and upper segments of the TV audience, PMP has experienced remarkable growth. Because its viewership has grown significantly, the channel has managed to reach a wide audience, establishing itself as a crucial platform for promoting local content.

The move to make the channel available represents the latest effort by Multichoice to make high-quality local Ugandan content easily accessible to a broader audience. It focuses attention on MultiChoice’s dedication to fostering the growth of the burgeoning local film sector.

Rinaldi Jamugisa, PR and Communications Manager, MultiChoice Uganda, lauded the progress of the local film industry, attributing the current growth spurt to an improvement in the quality of the content that is on offer, relatable, yet remarkable stories, and a great blend of fresh and existing talent on the scene across productions

“We are excited to make these announcements as we take significant strides toward enhancing the caliber of locally produced content in Uganda. Our decision to extend the availability of Pearl Magic Prime to our DStv bouquets, from Access and up, and on GOtv from Plus and above, is a direct response to the increasing number of viewers who are tuning in to our local shows.”

“Looking back, we take pride in the growth of viewership of PMP, initially intended to deliver premium local content, and has exceeded our expectations in popularity. The programs aired on Pearl Magic Prime have resonated deeply with Ugandans from all walks of life, and their deep love for this content is the driving force behind our decision to make it more accessible to them,” Jamugisa said.

In a move that is expected to further enrich their customers’ viewing experience, MultiChoice has also announced the merger of two of its local channels: Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Loko into Pearl Magic. This deliberate move is aimed at ensuring viewers remain engaged with the brand’s diverse offering of local shows throughout the day to give them a compelling mix of engaging content across all time slots.

Jamugisa, while speaking about the move, emphasized the importance of a unified channel that caters to the entire family, providing a variety of content to suit every member’s preferences.

“Pearl Magic and Pearl Magic Loko have both gained passionate followings due to their tailored content, which resonated strongly with their respective audiences. As standalone channels, they enjoyed near-religious followings within key time bands. Because we recognize the power of entertainment in uniting families, we took the decision to to merge the two channels,” Jamugisa emphasized.

“With this merger, the newly formed Pearl Magic will serve as a hub of diverse entertainment that caters to a wide range of interests and age groups. Our goal is to create a platform that brings families together by offering something for everyone.,” he added.

Effective immediately, programming that was previously aired on the Pearl Magic Loko channel, which was Channel 142 on DStv and Channel 315 on GOtv, will now be available on the Pearl Magic channel. You can tune in to Pearl Magic on Channel 161 on DStv and Channel 301 on GOtv to catch all your favorite shows and content.

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