Housing Finance Bank Engages Gulu Customers in Drive to Enhance Customer Experience

Housing Finance Bank recently convened a Customer Service Forum at Boma Hotel for retail, mortgage and business customers across Gulu city as part of continuous efforts to enhance customer experience. The gathering served as a strategic platform for valuable customer feedback, a cornerstone of the Bank’s strategy to enhance its service standards and exceed customer expectations.

Led by a team comprising Mr. John Baptist Kaweesi, Head of Mortgages and Consumer Banking, and Ms. Carolyn Agudo, Head of Customer Experience, Vicky Shunks Ayimaru, Branch Manager – Gulu and Joylydia Apolot, Communications Officer, the customer service forum facilitated comprehensive discussions on the usage, effectiveness and impact of Housing Finance Bank’s suite of financial solutions entailing but not limited to onboarding , transaction, investment and lending geared toward enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Mr.  John Baptist Kaweesi, Head of Mortgages and Consumer Banking, emphasized the paramount importance of the Bank’s customers. “We are delighted to host this year’s first customer service forum in portrayal of our ongoing commitment to ensure they are fully satisfied with our products and services. Today, our objective is to actively listen to our customers, gain insights into how our products support them, and offer advice on the most suitable products and services to positively impact their lives,” he said.

Ms. Carolyne Agudo, Head of Customer Experience, expressed gratitude to customers for their loyalty and trust in Housing Finance Bank. She reiterated the bank’s dedication to enhancing customer experience through active listening and proposing optimal solutions to their financial needs. “Customer feedback is pivotal to our success. We highly value the input and suggestions from our customers, as they enable us to tailor our products and services to better serve their financial needs. That’s why we’ve established a 24-hour contact center, ensuring we’re always ready to listen, day or night, at our customers’ convenience,” she said.

Sharing his journey as a customer, His Worship Alfred Okwonga, Lord Mayor of Gulu city, expressed gratitude to Housing Finance Bank for facilitating his dream of becoming a successful business owner. “When I joined Housing Finance Bank, I was earning a salary of UGX 250,000, yet I aspired to establish a school. Despite encountering challenges in accessing credit, the Bank entrusted me with UGX 150 million, kickstarting my journey of establishing schools and higher education institutions. Today, I am proud to own four educational establishments, including Gulu School of Health Sciences, Layibi High School and Gulu School of Nursing and Midwifery.”

Housing Finance Bank as a financial institution is steadfast in its commitment to elevating customer service excellence and harnessing customer feedback for service enhancements. The Bank’s customer-centric approach and personalized solutions have solidified its reputation as a trusted financial partner. As Housing Finance Bank continues to empower sustainable home ownership and economic independence for the people of Uganda, it remains dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

Bridget Nanteza