PHOTOS: How it Went Down at the Maiden Eyo Mackus O’clock Party

Hundreds of music lovers on Saturday June 8th thronged Najjera Gardens for the highly billed Eyo Mackus O’clock, a party organized by Wamani Mark Royal, also known by his stage name as Eyo Mackus.

Happening for the very first time, the event attracted deejays, musicians and other partiers who jammed to music curated by Kampala’s top selectors who jammed alongside top emcees while enjoying good company of friends.

The mood for the party that started early in the day was set by performances from renown deejays including Jean, DJ Bugy, Em that guy, Deejay Nyowe, Dexter DJ among others before the man of the day took the stage.

Eyo Mackus hit the stage at 9:30PM leading the already excited crowds to a jam session that covered over five genres of music proving his prowess in the deejaying art and his understanding of music.

The biggest highlight of the night was when he invited his mother to the stage evoking emotions among individuals in the unconventional line of business, one which is mostly not understood and appreciated by parents.

“You see, for most of us in this line of work, our parents tend to not understand what we do. I am happy that my mother understood my passion and has been supportive of my career choices,” said Mackus.

Having started as a hostel deejay in Kikoni, Makerere, Mackus has grown through the ranks to the current times where he has shared stages with international deejays, headlined key events in the city and has become a household name in the entertainment circles.

The success of the first Eyo Mackus O’clock was a testament that when one dedicates time to their craft, they can achieve whatever they set out to.

Although this has not been confirmed yet, sources close to the entertainer have intimated that there is a plan to hold regional tours to ensure Eyo Mackus shares his gift with his fans outside Kampala.

The route plan has however not been made public.

This website further learnt that the Eyo Mackus O’clock event will be held on an annual basis in different venues.

Paul Mugume