South Sudan: Calm Returns to Manyang-Kuel Central Prison After 2-Days Of Chaos

Calm has returned to Manyang-Kuel Central Prison, Warrap State-Kuajok after two days inmates standoff in the prison.

Aluel Garang Garang, the Deputy Governor of Warrap state with her delegation visited Manyang-Kuel central Prison to quell the unrest caused by inmates in the prison.

“On 11th/6/2024, Eight (8) inmates escaped at the evening over the wall and prison wardens successfully managed to apprehend 5 inmates out of the escapees while three are still at large. Manyang-Kuel Prison Administration issued a general punishment order to lockup inmates for a day,”

However, the inmates reacted negatively and broke the cells causing a strike inside the prison. The inmates refused to cooperate with prison wardens and shown disrespect to all administration.

The Acting Governor was informed and swiftly sent more organized forces from different units to quell down the unrest.

Moreover, the situation is under control and doors which were broken are replaced and welded while the Deputy Governor Aluel Garang donated 2 bulls,20 bags of assorted food items,25 dozens of eating utensils, medical supply and security lights.

The Deputy Governor also formed a-5 members committee to investigate the incident.

Manyang-Kuel central prison is inhabited by over 400 inmates including remnants.

Wek Atak