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Minister Evelyn Anite. Police say they are investigation claims relating to the death threats she says she has received from the mafia. Courtesy Photo

How Police is Handling Investigation into Anite’s Claims of Death Threats and Mafia

Police are investigating allegations of death threats and mafia in government as made by junior minister for investment and privatization Evelyn Anite. Last week, Anite told reporters she had received death threats from the mafia in government over her efforts to save Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL). “The plan by the mafia is to

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Protect Anite or Face Our Wrath – West Nile MPs Roar

A group of Members of Parliament from West Nile today threatened to resign once the State fails to give enough security to the State Minister for Privatization and Investment,Ms Evelyn Anite who has alleged that Mafias In the government are planning to end her life. Speaking to the Press, the Members

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