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Arrested Socialite Bageine Released on Police Bond

Police have Friday afternoon released on bond Uganda Christian University student Sheena Bageine who was arrested yesterday evening. Bageine who spent a night in police cells was charged with cyber harassment and cyberstalking arising from a series of tweets she made calling out men who she said were rapists. In her tweets,

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Rape Allegations: ‘Unapologetic’ Sheena Bageine Responds to Letter of Intention to Sue

City Socialite and Twitter user Sheena Ahumuza Bageine (username @Sheena_sheenzy) has written to another Twitter user Carlton Douglas Kasirye (username @cdk_maestro) advising him to proceed with legal action in the case of defamation against the latter. This website recently reported that Mr. Kasirye, a graduate lawyer pursuing his bar course at

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Twitter Rape Allegations: Socialite Sheena Bageine Dragged to Court for Defamation

Ugandan Twitter user Sheena Bageine (Username @Sheena_sheenzy) has been asked to pay UGX 2,000,000,000 in damages caused to another Twitter user identified as Carlton Douglas Kasirye (@cdk_maestro) for damages caused when she accused the latter of rape. In a series of tweets made between 2nd and 3rd January 2020, Ms. Bageine

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