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Minister Evelyn Anite. Police say they are investigation claims relating to the death threats she says she has received from the mafia. Courtesy Photo

How Police is Handling Investigation into Anite’s Claims of Death Threats and Mafia

Police are investigating allegations of death threats and mafia in government as made by junior minister for investment and privatization Evelyn Anite. Last week, Anite told reporters she had received death threats from the mafia in government over her efforts to save Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL). “The plan by the mafia is to

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VIDEO: Minister Anite Says NRM Will Deploy the Army Against Age Limit Opponents

A group of NRM MPs and ministers pushing for the removal of age limit clause has continued with their resolve. Some 245 NRM MPs on Tuesday resolved to introduce a bill in parliament with the intention of removing article 102b of the constitution to allow three-decade president run for president in

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Ugandans Mock Minister Anite Over ‘Mandatory UTL Simcard Acquisition’ Remarks

Ugandans have mocked State minister for Investment and Privatization Evelyn Anite on Social Media platform Twitter, over her remarks that Government plans to make it mandatory for all Ugandans to own a Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) simcard just like national identity cards are. Minister Anite was speaking at the UTL staff

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