Barbie Kyagulanyi’s Brother Tops Abu Dhabi Engineering Class

Barbie Kyagulanyi’s young brother, Baron Rubahamya, graduated with a Master’s degree in chemical engineering beating the whole class at The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

The self-proclaimed Ghetto president’s wife as a way of expressing her joy and congratulating her brother upon the great achievement, she posted the good news on her instagram page.

“CONGRATULATIONS @rubarkag. He got his Masters in chemical engineering from the institute of Petroleum in Abudhabi today. My little brother went to a strange land and is bringing home the best Mark in his class. #Onlyugandan #smartsibling #beststudent2016. You make us proud,” the post read.

Rubahamya humbly responded attributing his success to family support, “rubarkagProud of y’all too. The journey does belong to you guys as well.”

Marion Ayebazibwe