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Two Ministers Demand Shs 720 million for Cattle Lost in Museveni War

Two ministers are part of some 22,000 members of the Acholi War Debts Claimants Association demanding compensation for cattle and property lost during the bush war that brought Uganda’s three-decade ruler Yoweri Museveni to power.

State minister for Foreign Affairs Henry Oryem Okello  and minister for Disaster Preparedness Eng Hillary Onek Obaloker both want Shs 726m for over 1,210 head of cattle

lost during a guerrilla war by Museveni’s National Resistance Army (NRA) between 1980 and 1986.

According to a document detailing the claims, minister Okello is a member of the association from Lapana village in Pugoda parish in Namokora sub-county, Kitgum district while minister Onek hails from in Lanywang West village, Labigiryang parish in Palabek Kal sub-county, Lamwo district.

Oryem also wants more cash for 182 goats he claims he lost along with 640 herd of cattle with each of these domestic animals given a value of Shs 600,000.



Name:  Acholi War Debts Claimants Association

Founded: July 14, 2005

 Intention: To seek compensation from government for the property and livestock lost during the NRA-led rebellion

 Cost of compensation by government: Shs 1.4 tn

 Estimated lost cattle:  500,000 herd of cattle; 12,000 goats; 2,000 sheep; and 200 pigs

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