Uganda Seeks to Triple Number of Tourists to Four Million by 2020


Uganda’s tourism ministry has embarked on a plan to more than triple the number of tourist arrivals from the current 1.3 million to four million by the year 2020.

Tourism minister Prof Ephraim Kamuntu told reporters at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala on Tuesday that the press and the visitors would help market the Pearl of Africa.

“We should do everything possible to make our tourism centres very attractive,” Prof Kamuntu said.

He also gave a brief on the recently concluded tourism exhibition in Berlin, Germany where Uganda emerged fifth among African exhibitors.

“This is a big step considering that Uganda was in the 10th in the previous exhibition,” he said.

“What does all this mean? We want private sector to employ more people, earn more money, improve accommodation and better skills.”

Tourism contributes 10 per cent to Uganda’s gross domestic product (GDP).


Tricia Ishimwe