AYA Investments, 14 Other Companies Exempted from Taxes

The Minister of State for Planning, David Bahati, has listed  has listed companies that the Uganda will grant tax exemptions in the next financial year as government seeks to woo more investors into the east African land locked country.

Minister Bahati told the Parliamentary Committee on Budget chaired by Ntenjeru North Amos Lugolobi on Tuesday that the exemption was meant to attract foreign investors, add value to local content and increase the exports.

He said: “In a bid to incentivize strategic and critical investors and stakeholders, it has been government policy to relieve taxpayers investing in strategic sectors.”


  1. Aya Investments Uganda Ltd
  2. Bidco Uganda
  3.  NYTIL
  4. Vinci Coffee Industry
  5.  Quality Chemicals Uganda
  6.  Steel and Tube Industries
  7. Roofings and Rolling Mills
  8.  Avsi Foundation
  9. Bujagali Energy Company
  10.  Guanghou Dongsong Energy Group
  11.  National Cement Company
  12.  Fine Spinners
  13.  All Nation Christian Care

Marion Ayebazibwe