Rich Gang Members Set up Modern Farm

Famous tycoons eminent for their lavish lifestyle under their group moniker Rich gang have ventured into farming.

Exclusive information obtained by The Tower Post is that the loaded South African based fellows have established modern farms.

We have learnt that the farms are located in Bugerere Kayunga, where the group made one of their visits Tuesday April 25.

It should be noted that the trio; Ivan Ssemwanga, Ed Cheune and King Lawrence have roots in Kayunga district, the reason why they chose it first.

The Tower Post also understands that they will extend their farming business to other parts, once their projects in Kayunga start bearing fruits.

Today, the group made a surprise visit to the farms with a chopper, on a trip where they interacted with the locals in the area.

“Any city or state I’m in I beg the people to take me to the hood. The feeling of being around the people that has the same heart as me completes me. It can be a thousand guns in the air and I still never feel afraid coz Allah got me,” Ivan Ssemwanga said.

When asked who owns the chopper, a source revealed that it belongs to their family friend whose name hasn’t been established yet.








Marion Ayebazibwe