Besigye: Kayihura Must be Thrown Out and Security Forces Probed

Uganda’s four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has told the press at Katonga Road in the capital Kampala that Police Chief Kale Kayihura should be sacked over the current wave of insecurity in the country.

Uganda has witnessed a spate of attacks in the past two months, including the murder of hitherto police publicist Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his body guard and driver.

The greater Masaka region residents have been victims of criminal gangs.

On Monday, Gen Kayihura paraded scores of suspected criminals. But one told the press that they were working with police.

This claim resonated with President Yoweri Museveni’s statement at the late Kaweesi’s vigil that police was infiltrated with criminal elements.

Now, Besigye says that Kayihura “should have resigned” if he was serving a civilized regime.

“Mr Kayihura should be thrown out [of office as the Inspector General of Police,” said Besigye, a former opposition Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC) party leader.

“… he [Gen Kayihura] is partly the problem”.

According to Besigye, FDC suspects that the spate of attacks is politically motivated to create a situation for the removal of presidential limits to allow Museveni stand for reelection beyond the age of 75.

The Constitution bars anyone from standing for president if one is 75. Museveni, now 72, will have surpassed that limit by the end of his term in 2021.

Only the scraping of the age limit can help Museveni extend his 35-year rule (as of 2021).

Besigye also faulted the police and prosecution directorate for not bringing to book the masterminds of skirmishes following the 2016 polls, especially in Kasese.

He linked the attacks to connivance with the security forces.

“I think it’s a time now to realise that we need an independent inquiry into what’s going on in security forces,” he said.

Marion Ayebazibwe