New Nokia 3310 to be released in June

The new Nokia 3310’s UK price and release date have been revealed by a retailer.

The legendary handset was relaunched by Nokia at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, though the company was cagey when it came to key release details.

It would only say that the phone was due out during the second quarter of the year, retailing at an “average global” price of €49.

Dorset-based technology retailer Clove has listed the new 3310 for pre-order, and says it’s due to reach customers in mid-June.

That’s in keeping with Nokia’s announcement, and just ahead of Glastonbury Festival, which kicks off on 21 June.

Nokia is marketing it as a second phone for festival-goers and holidaymakers, and will want to use summer events to boost sales.

However, Clove’s pricing is higher than expected. When the new 3310 was first revealed, many assumed it would cost around £40.

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