Reject Vulgar Music, Afrigo Band Fans Told

Afrigo Band on Saturday (May 6th) entertained fans at the Tugende Mukikadde show with calls on all music consumers to ditch vulgar songs.

Tugende Mukikade, an oldies show took place at Kampala Serena Conference Center with revelers treated to classic performances from the band and singers; Halimah Namakula, Mariam Ndagire and Kabuye Semboga among others

The band’s founding member and director Moses Matovu used the occasion to lash out at naughty musicians who have made it a career to produce vulgar songs.

Matovu started by preaching about the power of music: “Thank you all for turning up in such huge numbers….. You know music is something that is so powerful. When in sorrow, you play music for comfort. When celebrating, you play music. Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t. Thank you for supporting music and I urge you to continue the support.”

He then took swipes at vulgar musicians – and music: “Continue supporting old school music. Continue supporting new school music, however, I humbly request you to boycott vulgar-laced music. Songs like; Nkukabala nga Lumbugu, Owoma……really? Seriously such songs are not taking us anywhere. Please boycott such songs.”

Tricia Ishimwe