Vital Tomosi’s Dairy Officially Kicks off Milk Production

Just six months after the launch of MilkMan yoghurt, Rushere-based Vital Tomosi’s Dairy (VTD) has officially kicked off production of milk. This was announced at a media visit to their factory in Rushere during which media and guests got an opportunity to see the entire operation chain right from the raw material to a packed product.

VTD, a relatively new Ugandan dairy company, was established to modernize and fortify the local dairy industry, with the aim of enriching lives and providing the highest quality of dairy products on the market. The dairy was brought to life by a joint venture between Vital Capital fund and Tomosi’s Farm, which effectively merged rich century-old cattle farming traditions with state-of-the-art production methods to create the MilkMan brand of quality dairy products.

Conducting the tour, Mr. Eyal Jones, the VTD CEO expressed gratitude to the team at the factory who had worked tirelessly to ensure that milk production can start.

“Just six months after the launch of our first product – MilkMan yoghurt – we have now begun production of milk. This is a great achievement and I applaud the team that worked tirelessly to make it happen,” he said.

“This project is a perfect example of how financial profit and positive social purpose can come together to benefit both investors and local communities. Tomosi’s Farm is already improving the income of small hold farmers while improving the food security condition, reducing costs for consumers, and of course returning profit to our investors. This is impact investing,” Jones added.

As part of the tour, the guests and media had an opportunity to visit the waste water treatment facility – a measure that has been put in place to ensure proper waste management and disposal facilities.

Ms. Noa Hameiri, the VTD Chief Marketing Officer thanked Ugandans for embracing the yoghurt and encouraged them to try the milk as well.

“We have put in place all necessary measures to ensure proper testing, storage, packaging and waste treatment at our factory. With this, we are sure that our product is safe and good for consumption,” she said.

“We Believe the Ugandan market will appreciate the high quality of our long life milk as much as it appreciated the yoghurt. The 1-liter pack offers value for money, is easy to carry and store, and can be comsumed for a period of time provided it is well stored,” Hameiri added.

The state-of-the-art factory has two production lines at the moment – one for yoghurt and another for UHT milk and has the ability to produce up to 50,000 liters of milk per day.

MilkMan 1-liter milk packs and yoghurt can be found dominating the shelves in all the big and medium size supermarkets in Kampala, Entebbe and Mukono.

Moses Kayigwa