Kiir Declares Ceasefire But Vows to Crush Rebels if They Attack

South Sudan President Salva Kiir has declared a unilateral ceasefire with rebels to pave way for national dialogue and ease movement of humanitarian aid to famine-stricken areas.

Kiir officiated at the launch of the national dialogue at Freedom Hall in Juba on Monday where a dialogue committee was sworn in.

“I am also once again declaring a unilateral ceasefire effective immediately. I further order the SPLA command to immediately observe this in their defensive positions,” said Kiir.

But Kiir vowed to crush rebels if they made attacks.

“Of course all us who are soldiers in this hall know that unilateral ceasefire cannot be binding on the other side. But you the same who on the side that you declare ceasefire from, you deserve the right also to defend yourself if you are attacked,” he vowed.

Charity Mbabazi