Kazinda Guilty of Syndicate Corruption, Gets another Five Year Jail Sentence

Geoffrey Kazinda, a former principal accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister, has been found guilty of syndicate corruption.

On Wednesday, the Anti-corruption Court in Kampala convicted Kazinda and three others for conspiracy to defraud government of Shs 316m fuel cash – money used to fuel “ghost” Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) vehicles to carry relief to disaster victims.

Separately, Kazinda was convicted of embezzlement, alongside Beatrice Keezabu a clerk in the OPM.

Two petrol stations workers Shamim Masembe, the proprietor of former Caltex fuelling station in Ntinda, and station manager Hussein Katumwa, were were found guilty of aiding Kazinda and Kezaabu steal public funds.

Kazinda is not new to the Anti-Corruption Court. In 2013, the same court sentenced him to five years in jail for forgery and embezzlement.

This won’t also be Kazinda’s last time at the court. He is facing charges of colluding with Finance Ministry officials in a Shs 21bn misappropriation scam involving money meant to rehabilitate northern Uganda.


The Anti-Corruption Court for the second time handed Kazinda a five-year jail sentence.

Marion Ayebazibwe