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Museveni, Botswana Officials Discuss Agricultural Development

President Yoweri Museveni has received and held a meeting with a Botswana delegation that was led by the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security Hon. Patrick Pule Ralotsia.

The meeting that took place at State House, Entebbe, was attended among others by the Minister of State for Animal Industry Joy Kabatsi.

Uganda and Botswana are preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding regarding the purchase of veterinary vaccines from Botswana against a wide range of diseases.

“We are interested in collaborating with Botswana in the use of veterinary vaccines as part of efforts to control livestock diseases. It will be appropriate to utilize a combined effort of both vaccines and acaricides in the control and, eventually, eradicate tick-borne diseases,” the President said.

He commended the Government and people of Botswana for the recorded progress in cattle rearing.

Museveni observed that in 1968, former Vice President Quett Masire of Botswana visited Uganda with the goal of acquiring cattle rearing skills.

He noted that the Southern African country made big strides in livestock management while Uganda was experiencing insecurity and overtook us.

He said that whereas Botswana rears 2 million cows, Uganda today has got 14 million.

The president revealed that Uganda’s target is to have 24 million cows.

He was impressed by the progress recorded by Botswana that is today enjoying the benefits of beef exports to Europe.

Museveni further said that the 2 Governments should collaborate by seeking for quarterly supply of vaccines.

He observed that Uganda must stop the conduct of fire fighting in the struggle against livestock diseases.

He noted that diamonds in Botswana have been well utilized leading to the development of the beef and other industries.

The visiting Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Patrick Pule Ralotsia, proposed that the Government of Uganda should categorize the livestock in zones in order to have a maximum impact.