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Otafiire Preaches against Tribalism as He Markets Museveni Age Limit Removal


Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Gen Kahinda Otafiire has urged Ugandans to think beyond the politics of tribe.

Minister Otafiire, one of the ministers that have openly spoken about the presidential age limit removal plan, was on Saturday the chief guest at the launch of ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ booklet, at Rock High School in Tororo District.

Otafiire spoke against tribalism and argued that it would stand in the way of economic progress.
“I am so annoyed with most Ugandans who are still busy talking about tribe and fighting for colonial boundaries. In this 21 century, I had expected Ugandans to be competing in coming up with ideas that would put Uganda at the helm of the world but not being known for eating raw rats and threatening to become cannibals over a mere boundary,’’ Otafiire said.

To the students, Otafiire urged them to read ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ and make suggestions.

He also told them to be engines of transformation.

Otafiire also found opportunity to talk about the presidential age limit plan that could allow Museveni stand for reelection in 2021.

Article 102(b) of the constitution that bars anyone below 35 or over 75 to stand for president.

Born in1944, Museveni will be past this age limit when Uganda next goes to the polls in 2021.

Otafiire argued that the proposed amendment of the presidential age limit would not only benefit Museveni and his current National Resistance Movement (NRM) government but also the subsequent regimes that could succeed Museveni’s three-decade rule.



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