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Abiriga Asks for a Pistol as Simeo Nsubuga Begs Police for Protection Over Age Limit Threats



Two MPs openly supporting the removal of the presidential age limit have taken threats against their lives seriously and gone ahead to beef up their security.

Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga, perhaps one of the first MPs to openly support the idea of life presidency of Uganda’s three-decade leader Yoweri Museveni, and Kassanda South MP Simeo Nsubuga, are not taking threats lightly.

The debate over the removal of article 102b from the constitution to allow Museveni rule beyond the age of 75 has ignited debate and hatred against those who want the age limit removed.

The age limit clause bars anyone below 35 and above 75 to stand for president.

Abiriga told reporters at Parliament on Monday that he had been accosted by a motorcyclist in Bwaise over the age limit.

“The other day a bodaboda man in Bwaise [rammed] into my car. He wanted to pull me out but he was beaten properly by his colleagues,” Abiriga claimed.

The Tower Post could not independently verify this claim.

Abiriga said he needed no guards since he had ordered himself a pistol, denying claims that the Special Forces Command (SFC) had taken over the security of Museveni life presidency proponents.

“Some people have advised me to put my guns in the vehicle which I refused because they are big guns, it is better to get a pistol.

“I have already applied for a pistol from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen Kale Kayihura just because it is a good gun and can shoot fast; once someone attacks I just pull it out.”

I am a soldier and I must have security, but it is not true that I have been given SFC to guard my home. There is no one guarding me apparently; security is me and you know me, I don’t want anybody to guard me because I am enough. I can only be defeated when I die.

“If I needed a guard from government, I would apply straight to the CDF for two guards, but not using the President’s guards and I have not done that; I am strong and I will hold my ground myself.”

But Simeo Nsubuga, also a former Uganda Police spokesperson, wants all those openly supporting the age limit removal to be given guns, arguing that it had become dangerous to discuss the matter.
Reports indicate that Nsubuga was also accosted by his constituents and chased off an event because of his support for the removal of the age limit.



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