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Blood Bath as S. Sudan Rebels Kill 8 Regime Soldiers, Capture SPLA Garrison in Amadi State

South Sudan’s armed opposition forces under the command of Major General Emmanuel Yangu have claimed to have attacked Lanyi garrison and after heavy fighting with pro-government forces, killed eight of the regime soldiers.

The claim was made by the rebels in a statement to the media.

The rebels, also claimed they captured huge quantities of arms and ammunition captured in good condition, which included one military truck and one 14.5 “totally destroyed”.

“A rescue convoy which tried to come from Lui to Lanyi has also been totally destroyed. Lanyi town is now under full control of SPLA/M IO forces,” reads the statement.

The rebel deputy chief of staff for training, Lt. Gen. Wesley Welebe Samson congratulated the gallant rebels and their commander for what he described as “job well done” in defeating the army troops.

“We SPLA/M IO forces will continue to defend the innocent civilians in all areas under our control and will fight in self-defense whenever any of our locations are attacked. I once again advise the governor of Amadi state and his President Salva Kiir to stop the looting of food, burning of houses and raping of innocent civilians who have nothing to do with this current war,” said Welebe.

Food as a weapon

The official, in a statement, accused the governor of Amadi state of allegedly using food as a weapon by denying relief food distribution to the armed opposition faction-controlled areas, which he said contravened international humanitarian law and law on armed conflicts.

“As I speak now, the whole population of Amadi state is still starving without food as governor of Amadi state, Joseph Ngere has stopped aid workers from taking relief supplies to areas controlled by SPLA/M IO, though we in SPLA/M IO have granted free movement to all humanitarian workers,” claimed the official in the statement.

“As such, the innocent civilians, women, children and elderly persons are in urgent need of food, medicine, shelter, seeds and tools,” he added.

In a separate development, the rebel claimed their forces captured government garrisons at Bamure and Jale in Kajokeji County on July 29, 2017, after the pro-government army attacked their locations.

“I extend my congratulations to the gallant SPLA/M IO Division 2 “B” commander and all our forces under his command for bringing Bamure and Jale under our control,” Welebe further stated.

The official claimed people of Yei, Kajokeji, Lanya, Bamure, Jale and Morobo are starving without food and urgently needed medicine.

“I appeal to international community to provide food and medicine to the suffering population in the above-mentioned areas,” he added.