I Have also Seen Jesus, Says Mbonye Shoe-Kisser Kabuleta

Jospeh Kabuleta, a Kampala-based pastor and sports show host has said he has seen Jesus days barely a week after photos of him kissing ‘prophet’ Elvis Mbonye emerged.

Kabuleta, the Watchman ministries pastor, has also claimed ‘Prophet’ Mbonye is more powerful than the pope.
Mbonye has previously told his Zoe Fellowship flock that he had seen God.

Kabuleta too has claimed he has met Jesus.

“It’s not just Prophet Mbonye that has seen Jesus. I have too. People in the Bible had encounters with God and angels,” Kabuleta said during the Thursday NTV on The Spot show.

Kabuleta said he had an understanding of the spiritual realm and could therefore differentiate between a false and true prophet.

“It’s easy for me to believe because I have been there in the spiritual realm.”

He also took time to defend his kissing of Mbonye’s shoes.

“People laid their clothes down for Jesus to ride his donkey on when he entered Jerusalem. What we did was not worship, we were honouring a man of God.”

Samuel Kamugisha