Hamisa Mobeto Arrives in Uganda Ahead of Gal Power Party

Tanzanian model and video vixen Hamisa Mobeto has arrived in Uganda for the Gal Power Theme Party scheduled to take place this Thursday (December 21, 2017) at Club Play in Kampala.

Mobeto touched down at Entebbe on Wednesday afternoon and was received by the event organizers; Ugandan female socialites Sheila Don Zella, Sarah Joy Bakanansa and Patricia Sewungu.

The Gal Power party, which according to the organizers in aimed at women empowerment, will take place on the same date as Socialite Zari Hassan’s All White Party.

Zari’s All White Party will be held at Club Guvnor.

It will be remembered that Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, also Zari’s husband in September this year confessed having cheated on the socialite with Hamisa Mobeto and admitted being the father of her baby boy.

Zari and Mobeto would then engage in Social Media wars for weeks.

It is believed Hamisa Mobeto honoured the invite by the Gal Power Party organizers because of her beef with Zari.

Zari Hassan

When asked how she felt about Mobeto coming to Uganda to attend a theme party that happens to be on the same day as her All White Party, Zari who arrived in Uganda a few days ago, said that she hasn’t given it much thought as she is currently preparing for her party.

“I haven’t really given it thought. I am concentrating on my All White Party and I am sure it will be great,” Zari said in a recent interview.

Zari also revealed that Diamond Platnumz will grace her All White Party.

We shall keep you posted.

Audrey Ninsiima