Africell Launches New Bundle with Voice, SMS, Data Packages

As revelers around the country waited to cross over to 2018, telecommunications company Africell Uganda seized the moment to launch a 360 bundle, providing voice, sms and data.

Dubbed the ‘Super Mix’ the offer is front-lined by top musician and the telco’s brand ambassador, Sheebah Karungi.

The bundle gives the caller the best of all telcom worlds by offering them the best bargain on voice, sms and data at the lowest cost possible.

The trend in communication companies is to constantly come up with the most competitive bundle/package offers which will guarantee them the edge in the market place.

According to the Africell PRO, Edgar Karamagi, “The Super Mix bundle is the newest addition to our already existing bundles which ensure that Ugandans are not cheated. This time our mission is to ensure Ugandans stay in touch with their loved ones for the lowest price ever.”

“We baselined our offer on 1000 shillings which in this economy does not deliver much but with the Africell Super Mix bundle we’ll enable our customers to talk to their loved ones for 60 minutes, have 35 MBs and 120 SMSs to surf the internet. Surely, this is the best deal on the market,” Karamagi added.

Africell has over the last month also launched a number of offers like their 1GB social media bundle (SWIFT) which goes for 2500/= lasting for a full week and their 1.2 GB daily data bundle which goes for 5,000 shillings. Super Mix therefore comes in as the latest bundle offer at a pocket friendly cost.

To activate the SuperMix bundle, the customer has to dial *134*7# and follow the instructions.