South Sudanese Family Hospitalised After Brutal Attack in Kampala

Three South Sudanese family members are receiving treatment at a Kampala hospital after they were brutally attacked at their home on Monday morning, a family member has said.

The three, a couple and their 12-year old daughter were attacked by four men armed with machetes in the wee hours of Monday.

Gatwich Kuany, a family member reportedly said the man sustained serious injuries from the attack.

“On Sunday night around 4.30 am, we were attacked; we were sleeping in different rooms. The criminals, four of them came and broke in and went to the room where the man, a woman and their child were sleeping,” he said.

“When they saw the man sleeping, they hit his legs with a machete. When he woke up and tried to protect his head from being hit, they cut off his hand. The woman then woke up and started crying and was immediately hit on the head. The man broke his leg,” he added.

Kuany further said the daughter who was sleeping in another room, heard the noise and woke up. Unfortunately when she opened the door, one of the attackers who was at the door hit her on the head with a machete, injuring her.

He said the attackers managed to escape without being caught. However, he said they reported the matter to the nearest police station.

Ter Manyang, the Executive Director at International Youth for Africa, a civil society group based in Uganda condemned the attack and called on the Ugandan government to provide security to South Sudanese living in Uganda.