Beti Kamya to Lukwago, Kampala Street Vendors: Don’t Celebrate Jennifer Musisi Exit Yet

The minister in charge of Kampala, Beti Olive Namisango Kamya Turwomwe has hit at lord mayor Erias Lukwago and street vendors for celebrating Jennifer Musisi’s resignation.

On Monday, Musisi announced she would officially hand over the office of the executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) in mid-December.

Lukwago, who had had a cat-and-mouse relationship with Musisi for seven years, called a press conference to express his excitement at his nemesis’ exit.

Beti Kamya Speaks on Jennifer Musisi Resignation as KCCA Executive Director

But addressing reporters at the Uganda Media Center in Kampala on Thursday, Musisi told Lukwago to keep calm even when Musisi has left since the office of the KCCA will remain.

“Kampala city is governed under the KCCA Act, 2010 and will continue to,” Kamya told reporters.

She also told street vendors and hawkers that the KCCA law will continue to reign supreme even after Musisi’s exit.

“I call upon the people of Kampala to abide by the provisions of this Act. Vendors and hawkers are not allowed to operate in Kampala central district and law enforcers shall be there to do their work,” she said.

“Due to the excitement being promoted among the people, I felt it necessary to address the public. KCCA is regulated under the Act not people.”

She also pleaded with the technical staff of KCCA “to continue carrying out their duties”.

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Marion Ayebazibwe