LGBT Vote: Ugandan MPs ‘Win’ Battle against Homosexuality Activists at IPU Geneva

A group of seven Ugandan MPs, including speaker Rebecca Kadaga, triumphed during a vote on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) at the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The MPs at the IPU in Geneva were Mourine Osoru  (Arua district), Abdulatif Sebaggala (Kawempe North), Rose Kabagyenyi (Kisoro District), Esther Anyakun  (Nakapiripirit District), Paul Akamba (Busiki) and Francis Mwijukye  (Buhweju).

The LGBT agenda was included as an emergency item for the 140th IPU Assembly agenda.

Then IPU president Gabriela Cuevas Barron ordered a vote.

Some 689 MPs rejected the LGBT rights agenda while 499 supported the suggestion.

Ugandan MPs received commendable support from China, Russia, African and Arab MPs.

What Ugandan MPs Said on the LGBT Vote at IPU

“I am so happy that this battle has finally been won. It started in St. Petersburg in Russia when they attempted to smuggle this same item but today we have made a final vote that will prohibit the issue of LGBT from appearing on the IPU agenda.” Rebecca Kadaga.

“Article 1(2) of the IPU statute states that the Inter-Parliamentary Union shall work for peace and cooperation among peoples and for the solid establishment of representative institution and also contribute to the defense and promotion of human rights, which are universal in scope.

The agenda presented here has been widely rejected by many member states hence lacking universality in scope.” Paul Akamba.

“The decision taken today has made me so strong and as I return from Geneva, I am prepared to awaken our gay law that was nullified by court.Latif Ssebagala.

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