Again: Bobi Wine November 9 ‘Kyarenga’ Namboole Concert Cancelled; Fufa Says Concert Will Stop Cranes Afcon Qualification

The management of Mandela National Stadium, Namboole, has once again cancelled Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert that had been rescheduled to November 9. 

Bobi Wine had planned to hold his Kyarenga show at Namboole on October 20.

But Namboole stadium management said there would be a wedding on that Saturday.

Police also claimed the Kyadondo East MP and leader of People Power Movement had not sought permission in line with Public Order Management Act.

But on October 17, Namboole stadium management and Bobi Wine’s Kyarenga concert manager Emma Serugo agreed to push the event to November 9 — albeit with some tough conditions.

Bobi Wine, Namboole Management Agree on New Date for Kyarenga Concert; Tough Conditions Set

Namboole Stadium Management Makes U-turn on Bobi Wine Kyarenga Concert

And now, in a twist of events, Namboole Stadium Managing Director Jamil Sewanyana Mpagi has cancelled the November 9 Kyarenga concert citing a complaint from the Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa).

“We have received a complaint from our stakeholders in sports development — Federation of Uganda Football Association (Fufa) — that raised… concerns,” wrote Sewanyana Mpagi to Bobi Wine Kyarenga concert manager Serugo on October 19.

Concerns Fufa Raised Over Bobi Wine Kyarenga Concert at Namboole

Mandela National Stadium is under a ‘red flag’. Confederation of African Football (Caf) is keenly observing the condition of the stadium as a key competition factor for the forthcoming Afcon Cameroon 2019 qualifier match.

Should the event [Bobi Wine Kyarenga Concert] be hosted, the stadium will be put into an unacceptable standard that may result into Caf docking off points from Uganda Cranes and hence failing to qualify for the Afcon Cameroon 2019 finals as well as being banned from international football matches.

The Tower Post has also seen a letter that Fufa chief executive officer Edgar Watson Suubi wrote to Mandela Stadium management.

“As you are already aware, Caf already warned Uganda on the stadium standard after a similar event was organized before Uganda Cranes played Ghana in October 2017,” Watson wrote to Mandela Stadium managing director on October 17.

Fufa Tells Namboole to cancel Bobi Wine Kyarenga concert
Fufa Tells Namboole to cancel Bobi Wine Kyarenga concert

Consequently, Namboole stadium managers have cancelled the Kyarenga concert as had been rescheduled to November 9.

“We regret to inform you that the stadium shall not be able to host your event as tentatively booked,” Sewanyana further wrote to Serugo.

“You are therefore advised to seek for an alternative.”

Namboole stadium management tell Bobi Wine to find alternative venue for Kyarenga concert
Namboole stadium management tell Bobi Wine to find alternative venue for Kyarenga concert

Samuel Kamugisha