Bobi Wine Speaks on Kyarenga Namboole Concert Cancellation; Accepts to Find Another Venue

Singer Bobi Wine has spoken out after Namboole  Stadium Management cancelled his November 9 Kyarenga Concert following a Fufa Complaint.

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Bobi Wine said he would find an alternative venue as Namboole management recommended.

“Regarding the concert, the good news is that we are actively looking at different options and will communicate very soon,” Bobi Wine wrote to his fans after news of the cancellation trickled in.

“What I know is that whether Namboole or not, we shall hold the KYARENGA album launch pretty soon.”

Full Statement: Bobi Wine Says Kyarenga Concert Will Happen Pretty Soon


Friends, fans and all well wishers,

As you all know, today we should be at Namboole Stadium for our Kyarenga Album Launch. The regime shamelessly used Namboole stadium to block it by claiming that our concert was not amongst the events to be hosted by the stadium till January 2019.

They also lied that there was going to be a wedding reception today. I can confirm that there is no wedding taking place at the Namboole today! Asuman Mugyenyi wrote a letter on behalf of police stopping the show!

Armed with the matrix they gave us, our show promoters rushed to Namboole and told them that we wanted to rebook our show on any of the dates that was available.

They tried to give all sorts of excuses but we said we were ready to meet any conditions. We told them that even if it was only a Monday which was available, we were willing to take it. They ran out of excuses and we chose Friday 9th, November!

They gave us very tough conditions for the use of the studium thinking that we would not meet them.

One of them was that out fans must not use the turf/ grass during the show, and they imposed a very huge fine if this was violated.

We complied with all the conditions and signed the necessary documents with them. Having rebooked the venue, we made fresh adverts and started advertising the new date.

Guess what?! Today we received this letter cancelling the show once again. Reason? They claim that they have received a complaint from FUFA about hosting our concert!

 Please note that the same stadium has so many other events scheduled and none has been canceled except our concert!

As shameful as this is, I am not surprised. You need to talk to any of the administrators at Namboole and see the amount of pressure they have been under from the regime not to host us.

 Many of them have been receiving threatening calls every after a few minutes.

How can the regime be very scared of Ugandans meeting for a music show, simply because it is hosted by Bobi Wine?!

I also know that they are doing everything possible to block all my businesses and other sources of income.

To the administrators of Namboole stadium, officials of FUFA and others who are used in these kinds of dirty games: please know that Ugandans are watching.

No matter how much pressure you get from the regime, always do your job without fear or favor. Namboole belongs to Uganda.

It is not private property. The positions you hold there are public positions. You must never use them against the people.

To all artistes and other well meaning Ugandans, we should know that this is not an attack on Bobi Wine.

It is an attack on all of us. It is an attack on music, on the arts, on business, on free expression and on our livelihood as citizens!

To you my fans, friends and well wishers, do not lose heart. I can assure you that ONE DAY our nation shall be TOTALLY FREE from this mess. That day, all Ugandans will be free and equal.

Regarding the concert, the good news is that we are actively looking at different options and will communicate very soon.

What I know is that whether Namboole or not, we shall hold the KYARENGA album launch pretty soon.

PS: May I also remind you that last year when my shows were blocked I went to court over the matter and the case has never been heard!

Marion Ayebazibwe