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Nsibambi: Museveni Must Name Successor; Besigye So Arrogant; Bobi Wine Using Wrong Method

Former Prime Minister Robin Apolo Nsibambi. Courtesy Photo

Former Prime Minister Prof Robin Apolo Nsibambi has wants President Yoweri Museveni to ‘anoint’ a successor and play an advisory role for the next government.

Museveni has been Uganda’s president since 1986 when he took power after a five-year bush war.

On ascent to power, Museveni said the problem of Africa was leaders who overstayed in power.

It is now 32 years and he is still in power.

Prof Nsibambi is just one of the several politicians who have served in high positions in government.

Now 78 years of age, Nsibambi was prime minister between April 1999 and May 2011 – making him Uganda’s longest serving premier.

Amama Mbabazi succeeded Nsibambi in 2011, serving until 2014 when Museveni dropped him for Ruhakana Rugunda.

Now a retired politician, Nsibambi says Museveni should tell Ugandans his successor.

“He needs to name a successor so that things can move well; so that he can also advise as a grandfather,” Nsibambi told NTV at the weekend.

Nsibambi, also a former chancellor of Makerere University, spoke about singer Bobi Wine’s presidential ambition.

“I think he wants power but he is not using the right method,” said Nsibambi.

“I think he has to work closely with other political parties.”

Recently Democratic Party president Norbert Mao attacked Bobi Wine for saying political parties were not necessary in the quest to end Museveni’s rule.

He also criticized Uganda’s opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, for using aggression to oppose Museveni.

“He was too arrogant and aggressive,” Nsibambi said of Besigye.

“Aggression was not a good path.”

Besigye has been Museveni’s fiercest opponent since 1999, contesting against his former boss four times.

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