Nandala Mafabi punches fellow MP

Nandala Mafabi is not a man to joke with. When angered, he throws punches. The FDC Secretary-General, did exactly that in Kabong on Wednesday after a verbal exchange with Mr. Samson Lokeris, the member of parliament for Dodoth East in Kaabong district.

It all started when Lokeris mobilized a size-able crowd to get money from Mafabi, who Lokeris said had purposely traveled there to distribute money. It didn’t sit well with Mafabi.

First he reteriated by saying that Lokeris and his colleagues from Karomaja district only go to parliament to eat nice food rather than debate.

Speaking to a crowd that had gathered, Mafaabi said, “Let me tell you the people of Kaabong and Karamoja at large your MPs of Karamoja do not mind about you, go and do research and see how many times have Karamoja MPs spoken on the floor of parliament you will see they are not there but when it comes food they are the first to eat even when the debate is going on the floor of parliament.”

Imbued with rage, Lokeris demanded that Nandala leaves his district or else he would face it rough.

Nandala responded with a blow on Lokeris’ punched stomach.

The fight did not last long as the two were separated quickly.

The Tower Post