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Kampala Residents with Poorly Built Houses to be Evicted

“If you have a small one-bedroom house in a very prime area in Kampala, I want you to know and be prepared either to upgrade it to the level that is required by the physical plan or to walk away,” the state minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Isaac Musumba, has said.

The Minister made the statements while addressing the media ahead of the World Habitat Day next week October 7. The day will be celebrated in Busia

“As government, we are grappling with the issue of curbing slum development and that is why the state is proposing amendments to the physical planning law with the aim of setting up a legal framework to improve housing conditions,” he conveyed.

Musumba advised that those who cannot develop their areas should allow investors to develop them. Otherwise, they could face eviction

The government, he said, will give priority to investors making huge investments.

Parliament is set to discuss amendments to the Physical Planning Act which the ministry said is intended to improve housing in Uganda.

The amendments are also intended to reduce and curb slums development.