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Esom School of Music Upgrades Facilities

With award winning names like Producers Bless, Nase Avartar and Madder Kays already on their books as part of the ESOM School of Music family, the school already has the ingrdients needed to groom the next generation of not only award winning music producers but vocalists and instruementalists too.

However they have gone ahead to make things even better by upgrading their facilites especially the production training section with new state of the art equipment to ensure learning is more practical and the outcomes improve.

According to the school’s Director Daniel Kiyega, they have improved facilities in the school and installed state of the art modern production workstations for Music Production and Video¬†Editing students. This means that each student will sit on a complete set with computer, Midi and headphone which promotes practical studies and skills.

To give students more value, group lesson time has also been increased in length from 60 minutes to 90 minutes inorder to give more attention to each student indidvudually and as a result be able to nurture and fully realise their talents.

All this according to the school’s Director is aimed at ensuring, the quality of artistes churned out of the school meets the standard of the very finest like celebrated R&B vocalist Maro who is an old student and even much better.