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Police Officers Not to Spend More Than Three Years at a Station


The Uganda Police has resolved that police officers will not spend more than three years at a station or particular position. This according to the deputy police spokesperson Polly Namaye is to ensure fairness in the force.

Namaye told journalists on Monday that officers who spend a lot of time at a station are compromised by criminals and this makes it hard to fight criminality.

A Police Council was held on Monday where a number of resolutions where made. Among them, it was resolved that a placement committee be created to take charge of the transfers involving gazetted officers above the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police.

“The transfer of gazetted officers will remain a mandate of the force’s placement committee,” the deputy police spokesperson, Polly Namaye relayed.

It was also agreed that Regional Police Commanders will now be able to transfer officers at any any time.

“RPCs are now mandated to manage transfers of subordinate officers but after consulting the police management.”

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